My Priorities for our City


Address Systemic Racism & Equity in Our City

Our city is in the midst of deep challenges.  This summer showed our city's public safety failure in justice and humanity.  I heard your voices call for a swift and appropriate response.  In fact, I joined to lead our community in rallies with ACLU People Power and called for direct accountability of our city officials and departments.  But now, it’s time for a change.  As council member, I will assure our departments, ordinances, policies, and training address inherent systemic racism; actively monitor the Citizens Steering Committee’s process to assure equity in representation and proposed solutions.

Provide for Community Health, Wellness, & Safety  

City responsiveness means everything in a crisis and in an emergency: from COVID testing to our public safety response.  Alameda is a caring city that deserves top-notch public safety services.  I will work hard to establish the Department of Public Health and Wellness for a more thriving, safe, and resilient island community;  assure we provide our residents and visitors fair and equitable public safety care and treatment.  I will convene public townhalls on community wellbeing with neighborhood residents and our police chief;  and, call for a data-driven approach to account for and to prioritize our community’s needs.

Housing for Workforce Families and our Unhoused Members 

We must seek every avenue to stop the displacement of families and residents.  We strive to welcome working families, teachers, and single parents, police and firefighters, and our unhoused members.  But we have fallen way behind.  We must provide affordable homes now.  I will work to ensure we meet the housing element to remain compliant;  provide the sorely needed number of housing units to meet our current demand;  I will call for increased workforce housing and affordable housing quotients to meet the 15 years of unmet need.

Reduced Traffic & Increased Transit Safety 

No one is happy with the traffic congestion on major streets, bridges, or Tube.  We need calmer and better-designed streets with ample community input;  I will advocate for greater visibility for safe passages at crosswalks and intersections;  support funding the study of a second tube to Oakland for emergency egress;  increased transportation options to, and off the island like the estuary bike bridge;  explore restoring our public transit options following COVID cuts; Reduce greenhouse emissions by expanding bike corridors to link thoroughfare West to East;

Quality of Life & Environment 

Our island community is surrounded by beautiful trees and Bay.  As a climate champion, I pledge to further improve the quality of our parks and rambling open spaces; assure we plant the 2,500 missing street trees for more lush neighborhoods; prioritize expanding parks at Alameda Point and Enterprise Park; support our Climate Action and Resilience Plan to meet our 2030 carbon reduction goals; repair and reopen the old NAS Alameda Campground for camping; use ARPD time and prioritizing "DePave Park" plans along the West bank of the Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point; accelerate the Northwest Territories Park agreement with East Bay Regional Park District for the 150-acre parcel north of the VA properties; partner with our schools on land use, technology, and ensure that parks and playgrounds are safe and accessible.

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City Measures


Measure AA 

Vote No on Measure AA - No to band aid charter “fixes” when real charter reform is called for.  Increases the size of government and is tone deaf in these times.

Measure Z 

Vote No on Measure Z - Review Article 26 as part of a General Plan review; hold open public hearings for broader community input to address traffic, infrastructure and neighborhood character concerns.